January Book Sale – Give a book a home

It’s time to help me clear some of my clutter and for you to help me give a book a new home.

All books listed on our website can be bought for 50% off the marked price.  Please enter coupon code JANSALE in the coupon box at checkout to get your discount.

We have thousands of books on many subjects that really need to move to a new home to make way for us to buy more. You see this book buying/book selling thing really is an addiction.

On our website you can search by author, title, keyword or just browse categories you might be interested in.  There are many categories including art, history, biography, music, books of Irish Interest and much much more.  6500 books listed online at the moment and range in prices from €2 to €800 so there really is something for everyone.  Have a look!


Books, Books & More Books

Sometimes it has to get bad before it gets good


The Joys Of Sorting Books

When I was first told that blogging might be for me, I thought I couldn’t do it. Eventually I took the step and started and found that I enjoyed it and planned to blog once or twice a week.  This last week has been very busy for me and I had no time to blog but found myself thinking about it a lot and getting annoyed that I had no time to do it.  A person told me it gets addictive and it looks like she was right. I was starting to fidget like someone going cold turkey from an addiction.

Books, Books & More Books

Sometimes it has to get bad before it gets good

Part of my reason for being so busy is that a man asked me to supply a collection of books to him so I was sorting through boxes of books not knowing what I’d come across. There are always lovely books and of course some strange ones.  That is part of the joy of selling on the internet as it makes it easier for readers to find the books they are after no matter what subject it is.  To sort books to specific subjects it usually involves a mess being made so it has to get worse before it gets better. Slowly but surely I went through this process and finally got to the stage where I could start to pick out what he wanted.  I got a nice mix of History, Art, Biography and Hobbies which is what he requested.

The good thing about having a big sorting session is that it leaves room for more books. I can’t believe I have just said that after being so pleased at all the space I made!

I hope to be back to a regular blog about books, authors and all things literary this coming week.

Book Addict Turned Book Seller

I am a book addict who collects books. Collecting books started as a hobby but grew into an addiction and then into a business.

I decided to start selling them and www.darkwoodbooks.com was born.  I now have a large stock of books specialising mainly in books of Irish Interest, Art, History, Biography and Literature but have books on many subjects.