Book Review: This Is How It Ends – Kathleen MacMahon

This is how it ends - Kathleen MacMahon

This is how it ends – Kathleen MacMahon

I read this book in 2 parts as I borrowed it from my local library and read about a quarter of it but was too busy to finish it at the time and had to return it.  Months later I got a copy so I decide to finish it.

It’s the story of Bruno who comes from America in search of his Irish ancestors and meets his family consisting of Addie, Della and their father Hugh.  It is set in Ireland in 2008 in the run up to Obamas election. It’s basically a love story with a few twists.  It could have done with a bit of liveliness to push the story along.  I found it’s pace quite slow at times.  It is well written but it needs something more to make it a book that you want to keep reading.

I had read a lot of reviews and they were all positive but this didn’t do it for me.  I found the story dragged and it wasn’t a page turner for me but I did finish it out to the end.  I don’t think I’ll be running off to get her next book.