Book Review: Capital by John Lanchester

I’m embarrassed to admit it took me two months to read the book I have just finished. I really enjoyed it though and would have finished it a lot faster if I had time.

Capital by John Lanchester

I went to London in February to celebrate my birthday with some new friends and one of the girls gave me a book called Capital by John Lanchester which is set in London. It is about the residents of Pepys Road who are all getting the same postcard which says We Want What You Have.

It has very short chapters which makes it a very easy read.  It moves through the different houses and introduces us to the characters which are a broad range of ages and backgrounds. They all have in common the postcards they are receiving and how they react to them.  We spend a lot of the book wondering who is sending the cards and it is interesting how the mystery is unravelled and holds the reader until the end. The cards are the common theme but we learn so much about the different house owners.

It is a well written book and the use of descriptive language paints an image of London that you could picture.   It is humorous in places and brings a smile to your face. What is always a test of a new author for me is whether I would read another book by them and the answer this time is yes I would.

IBSN: 978-0-571-23462-2


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