Boldly going … where millions of food bloggers have been before

For any of you that are food fans, this blog is a must read as it’s so honest and we can all relate to it. There are great food ideas in it.

It's not easy being greedy

When I originally started this blog in October 2012 (nearly half a year ago, how time flies eh?), the idea was to firstly see whether I had actually managed to maintain it by Christmas, and secondly read back through it to decide whether it was suitable to launch on an unsuspecting public, or more akin to re-reading your teenage diaries where you cringe in shame about your pathetic writing ‘style’.

Well, I am still not sure – reading it back, I don’t think it’s completely awful, and the few people I have shown it to have been complimentary (although they have been my friends so possibly not entirely trustworthy … they’re a nice bunch so probably wouldn’t say if they thought it was dire).

But it’s about time I started sharing my moments of greed, to see whether people will actually read the blog, and also (warning: excuse to justify…

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