Book Review: Lies of Silence by Brian Moore

Lies of Silence by Brian Moore
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing, London, 1990.
ISBN: 0747506108
Finished 02/06/2012

Lies of Silence was chosen by my book club group as our next book to discuss.  Luckily I had two copies (a bonus to having over 20,000 books) so could start reading it straight away.

This book is set in Northern Ireland and is about a hotel manager who, with his wife, is held hostage and made to deliver a bomb in his car to the hotel he works in.  If he doesn’t the IRA will kill his wife. It’s complicated by the fact that it happens the same day as he was going to tell his wife he was leaving her.

It’s not a bad read.  It’s quite short. I expected it to be more exciting.  The story moved along but there was no great suspense in it.  It is well written but I was expecting it to be very well written as Brian Moore is such a renowned author.

There will be a few items for discussion at book club as there are a few decisions in the book that people will and won’t agree with.

I didn’t rate this as a great book but it’s not bad either. The way I judge a book is would I read another by the author and the answer this time is yes I would.  However, I wouldn’t recommend this book.


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