Networking at the Network of Enterprising Women Cork

I got an invite to attend a meeting of the Network of Enterprising Women in Cork.

I was a little bit nervous going to this event on my own and knowing no-one but as soon as I arrived at Vertigo I was made feel welcome by the organizers.  There was a nice food table which was a good place to start as there was many people on their own also. There was a broad range of businesses from nutritionists, photographers, artists, shop-owners and of course and online bookseller (me!).

The guest speaker was Sam Rathling who has a book written on networking.  She gave a good presentation on the art of networking and made us do tasks to connect with the new people.  She is very successful at networking.

It was interesting to meet so many other women in business as while the businesses vary most peoples goal was the same – to make new contacts that might help their business.

I’m not sure if networking will do a lot of good for my business as used books are hard to market as normally I just have one copy of a book and when a customer finds it and buys it it’s gone so that’s the end of that connection and I have to start again with another book looking for an owner.  It’s worth a try though as you’d never know who I might meet that could change the direction of my business.


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