Book Club – My First Time

I have always wanted to join a book club but in my locality they are mainly on during the day when I am working.  Finally after a bit of searching I found one that is on in the evening at Bandon Books so I emailed to ask when was the next meeting and what was the book.  Gerry sent me the details so I went and bought the book One Summer by Roisin Meaney.  I had a week to read it which was no problem. It was an easy to read book and not too taxing on my brain.

On the Monday night I went off to the book club meeting feeling a little nervous and wondering what kind of people would be there. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be high-brow literary discussions which I can do but was more in the hope of some light relief.  I got there just on time and the door was locked but another lady was waiting and said Gerry would be on shortly. A few more turned up along with the bookshop owner.  We all trundled in and sat down.  We introduced ourselves and did a bit of chit-chat while waiting for the rest of the group to show up. It was a quieter night than usual they said as there was only 9 in total, 7 women and 2 men.  

The book being discussed was more a womans’ book. The reason they chose it was the author had come to the book club the previous month.  It was interesting to hear what the author, Roisin Meaney, had to say when she visited the book club. There wasn’t a huge amount to discuss as the book was fairly ordinary but enjoyable. It did amuse me that some of the people hadn’t either read the book or finished it and didn’t want the end discussed.  I suspect this could only happen in Ireland.  They went on to discuss another book that they hadn’t time to discuss the previous month, which I hadn’t read but was interested to hear what they had to say.

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After that we  had a general discussion on books and the book for next month was decided upon. The way they do it is one of the members pick a book so one of the men picked Lies of Silence by Brian Moore which I must read.  I knew I had a copy of it at home so I didn’t have to go searching for one.  I must start reading it.  There definitely should be more to discuss at next months book club as the book raises much more discussion points.


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