Book Review: One Summer by Roisin Meaney

Book Review: One Summer by Roisin Meaney

This book is about a woman who is due to get married and as a way of raising funds for the wedding she lets out her home on an island for 6 weeks to strangers.  The book goes through the year coming up to the wedding in which the house is let to people.

My first impression of the cover is that it was bright and gave nothing away as to what the story line was as it only showed a woman in a wedding dress holding a bouquet of flowers.  As it was in large paperback format the print is a good size and easy to read.

The way it is written is very easy to read. It flows along. It does hop from character to character but as they are all inter-connected it marries in well.  It is written in simple english but in a way that really helps create a picture of the island of Roone and the characters.

Halfway through the book and we are still learning about the characters.  After that the pace speeds up and gets more interesting. As the book headed for the end I felt there were a few loose ends that could have been tied up a bit better.

I didn’t think wow what a great book but I did enjoy it and would read another book by this author.

This book is the one I had to read for my book club meeting. It will be interesting to see what the other people make of it.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: One Summer by Roisin Meaney

  1. I’ll have to look into this title. I really liked Semi-Sweet and I want to explore more of the author’s works. I think I love books set in Ireland almost as much as I do books set in France.

  2. I really liked her other book, Semi-Sweet. I think I’ll have to add this one to my reading pile too. I’m always looking out for fun, new authors.

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