Review: Edna O’Brien Life Stories

I had seen this programme advertised & put it on my list of things to watch.  Last night (Tuesday 8th May 2012) I tuned into it and must say I found it amusing.  I decided she was a bit eccentric but very clever.   Really she’s a bit dafter than eccentric but in a likeable way.  The programme gave an insight into some sad things in her life but her bubbly personality shone through along with her love for her 2 sons.

There were little excerpts of her books read during the programme. These reminded me of when I worked in a bookshop and read “The Country Girls”.  I really read it to see what all the fuss had been about when it was published and subsequently banned.  I read it in 1995 and thought it was mild but rewind 30 years I can see how it caused a scandal.  It’s basically 1960’s chick lit.  My mother recalls that she wasn’t allowed read it at the time.

I also thought her writing room in her house was lovely.  Wall to wall bookshelves and red walls for a splash of colour.  I was amazed that she still writes her books by hand and on stolen hotel paper.  Her quirky personality just shone through the whole programme.

The programme made me want to poke out some more of her books and read them so that will be another few books added to my books to read list.  I look forward to her memoirs book coming out later in the year as there are bound to be much more interesting things in it.



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